Do you need to print on material that complies with the " TOYS " directives?


Tampa® Plus TPL ink has the lowest possible PAH values, is formulated without the use of aromatic solvents and is suitable for use in applications according to directive 2009/48/EC ("Toys directive DIN EN 71/ 3").

It is a solvent-based mono or bi-component pad printing ink to be used on different surfaces and materials:
  • - ABS
  • - polystyrene
  • - SAN
  • - polycarbonate
  • - Rigid PVC
  • - glass
  • - acrylic
  • - some types of soft PVC
  • - wood
  • - paper and cardboard

The product is glossy, quick drying, resistant to alcohol and petrol, suitable for open and closed ink fountain systems.

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